Thanks to its design, you Stratomaker 3D printer need minimum maintenance.

Before every operation on your Stratomaker, check the printer is off and the power supply is no longer connected to the machine.
Wait long enough to be sure the heating tube is cold and there is no risk of burning.

To clean the dust, use a soft rag. Don’t use solvents.

The printing tray must be cleaned after every use.
The printing tray has a special adhesive protective coating to ensure the best grip.
To clean this tray, you can use methylated spirit.
If small plastic fragment remain on the surface, use a cutter’s blade as a scraper to remove them.
Be careful don’t damage the « printing sheet ».
If you damage it, you will have to change it for a new one available here.

In case a subtle noise occurs during the printing tray is moving over the Z axis, it may be required to oil the gear assembly. Use a paint brush and a special polish.
Using a lot of polish is useless. A light lubrication is enough.