This is how it looks the printing tray with 4 magnets et 3 plug contacts that allow the 3d printer do the calibrations (build level) automatically


Before your first printing it is required to check that the printer’s settings have not been disturbed by the transport, you will use the calibration gauge to check the printer.


First, click on the icon « JOG MODE »


  • Click on the blue house icon over the Z axis.
    The tray automatically rises to its highest level
  • Click on the blue house icon over the X axis
    The print head moves over the X axis to its maximum
  • Click on the blue house icon over the Y axis
    The print head moves over the X axis to its maximum


Come back to the main menu by clicking on the black house icon.
Click on the icon « BUILD LEVEL »


Click on the icon « MANUAL LEVEL »; the print head will move to one of the four angles of the print tray. Slide the calibration gauge between the printing tube and the tray: the calibration gauge must slip rubbing the tube.


If there is too much or not enough space, you will use the Allen wrench to adjust the screw below the tray to fix the problem.


You will repeat this operation in every corner of the printing tray clicking every time on the icon « MANUAL LEVEL ».
If there have been significant adjustments, it will be wise to check a second time the four adjustments in order to get the best calibration.

Once the calibrations have been done, click on the icon « check »


The machine will check 3 control points, if the test is conclusive, a message will show that the test has been passed. If the test results are inconclusive, you will need to calibrate manually the machine again. Before the test starts, the printing tray will go down to let you clean the tube. It is important to assure a good electric contact for the test results. Use the abrasive file to remove any plastic residue.


You can put a bit of glue on the printing tray to optimize the grip of the future 3D item.
Take care of the 3 plug contacts, they control the level of the printing tray.
Wait about 5 minutes before starting the printing.