In order to change the filament bobbins of your 3d printer:
Once the filament bobbin is out of its wrapping, we recommend to cut the end of the filament at a 45º, this will make easier its insertion into the  conveyor.


Open the printer bobbin trapdoor and put the new bobbin inside


Screw up the blue screw over the bobbin, tightening is useless


Insert the filament into the conveyor orifice while pushing on the conveyor’s lever


Slide the filament through the conveyor while pushing the conveyor’s lever: you will see the filament going through the translucent tube. When the filament doesn’t progress anymore, release the lever.

In the home page menu, click on « SETTING »


Click on the « PRE HEAT » icon, the extrusion tube will start to heat up and free the wire


On the new window, click on the center to see the temperature


Once the extrusion tube is hot the wire will melt


On the bottom image you can see the temperature. This is the actual temperature. The temperature will rise up to 205°C.


You can change the temperature with the blue switches on both sides of the screen.

Once the temperature is reached, push again the filament through the conveyor while pushing the lever (as it was indicated before), the filament will come out from the extrusion tube.


At this stage, you can stop pushing the filament and release the conveyor’s lever.


Remove the extruded filament.